XTAL BRD2(2) [4J1P.pdb]


XTAL BioStructures - 'Closer to the Science'

High Quality Protein Production for pilot studies, assay development, HTS, and X-ray crystallography uses. Producing challenging proteins and higher order complexes using bacterial and insect cell expression systems to produce well characterized proteins with >95% purity.

Biophysical Characterization for the measurement of ligand:protein interactions using thermal stability shift, SPR and ITC. Applications include confirmation of ligand binding, fragment based screening, identification of optimal storage conditions, binding kinetics Kd and pre-formulation.

X-Ray Crystallography - with synchrotron data collection for highest resolution of co-crystal structures of small molecule-protein complexes, antibody-antigen and novel structure determinations.

Epigenetic and Bromodomains - Production of higher order complexes of nucleosome core particles and a broad array of bromodomain proteins for screening, biophysical, structural and selectivity panel applications.

Other Services Includes programs that are more difficult to define requiring a broad scientific array of expertise, assay development and mechanism of action studies.