Epigenetic and Bromodomain Proteins

Epigenetics, the heritable modification of gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in DNA sequence, is increasingly recognized as a key factor in disease. While many diseases may have an epigenetic component, the primary focus of epigenetics research is in the field of oncology.

Bromodomain Proteins

XTAL has many bromodomain proteins expressed, purified, characterized, and immediately available; many have also been crystallized. In addition to single domains, we have several tandem domain proteins available.

Specificity Panel

XTAL has proteins from most of the major branches of the bromodomain family in stock, ready for use in specificity testing.

Histone deacetylase (HDAC) proteins and the nucleosome core particle (NCP)

XTAL has experience in the purification of HDACs and the NCP (four proteins + DNA), and has several HDAC proteins immediately available. Modified NCP sequences or histones may be custom produced.

XTAL Epigenetic Protein List (PDF)

XTAL has many purified epigenetic proteins immediately available for use in X-ray crystallography, HTS, assay development, pilot studies, and other applications.