Key Alliances

A major challenge in the drug discovery field is the appropriate and timely usage of key technologies, methodologies, and cutting-edge tools to qualitatively and quantitatively provide the best benchmark level analysis available.

However, internalization of the literally hundreds of possible analytical disciplines can be cost prohibitive not only to the company offering the services but to the client as well who must encumber the cost that is passed along for carrying such a large and inefficient internal service structure.

In order to achieve the best of both worlds, XTAL formed the key alliances with the following companies:

SBH Sciences

is one of the premier cytokine bioassay services resources in the US. In their two comprehensive state-of-the-art cell culture facilities, SBH provides critical pre-clinical process development services. These include insect and mammalian based cell culture, protein purification, (anti) cytokine bioassays, ELISA kits for cytokine & biomarker measurements, recombinant cytokines, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries.

Woodland Pharmaceuticals

is a preclinical contract research organization dedicated to advancing research through the innovative use of cancer cell lines and primary patient tumor samples. They provide complex animal modeling of PK/PD and efficacy studies, leading directly to to primary tumor models designed to improve clinical success.

pION Inc.

is the world leader in permeability and solubility measurement. They provide instruments and analytical services for ADME, solubility, permeability, dissolution, pKa and log P determination.

ProCrysta Biologix Inc.

is dedicated to develop and commercialize novel protein therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders with unmet medical needs. The company’s innovative approach focuses on designing of effective protein therapies and on drug delivery options for oral, subcutaneous, topical and pulmonary routes using its crystallization technology.

DNA-SEQ Alliance, Inc.

is committed to reducing the time between emerging science and medical practice by providing oncologists a unique genomic data gathering, analysis and targeting service. DNA-SEQ provides reports to oncologists to more precisely match the patient’s genomic profile with targeted therapies. The report is designed to both enhance the oncologist’s traditional cancer treatment decisions and to dramatically expand the treatment options that can be offered to the patient. The precision of our process is sharpened by our focus on crystallography as the optimal methodology to pin point the position of the cancerous mutation within a three-dimensional structure. DNA-SEQ’s crystal structure screen provides unmatched precision for matching a drug to a mutation.

Beantown BioTech

is a contract drug discovery laboratory offering assays in neurodegenerative, oncology, autoimmune, inflammatory, cardiovascular, metabolic, liver and kidney diseases. Assay platforms include Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorbance, AlphaScreen, Electrochemiluminescence, SPR, FP, TR-FRET, HTRF and ELISA.