XTAL Management

Robert K. Suto, Ph.D., President & CSO

As a biochemist with a thorough knowledge of structure-guided drug discovery, Dr. Suto has now been involved, through XTAL, in the discovery and development projects of over sixty companies.

Prior to co-founding XTAL in 2005, Dr. Suto served as a lead scientist at Pintex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a startup company focused on the development of structure-based cancer therapeutics and diagnostics.

During post-doctoral studies with Professor Karolin Luger at Colorado State University, he conducted X-ray crystallography studies of nucleosome core particles containing histone variants and DNA binding polyamide ligands. Dr. Suto received a PhD in Biochemistry from Colorado State University, a MS in Chemistry from the University of Oregon, and a BS in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Washington State University.

Dr. Suto is currently serving as a co-chair of MassBio’s Drug Discovery Working Group. The mission is to provide a forum for drug discovery and early development executives, managers and researches to exchange ideas, information and resources in order to expedite the discovery and validation of new targets and drugs.

Dr. Suto is also currently serving as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of DNA-SEQ Alliance, Inc., a company focused on helping oncologists to precisely match patients’ genomic profile with targeted therapies. XTAL is an Alliance Partner with DNA-SEQ and is committed to accelerating the realization of personalized medicine.

Sastry Dwivedula, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Dwivedula received his Engineering degree with honors from Andhra University and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in India. He worked in technology industries, both Public and Private ranging from Space Research, Defense Production to Computer Hardware & Software. He has just over 30 years of functional & managerial experience that includes Project & Program Management, Marketing, Finance, Business Development & Operations, several successful Start-ups and international exposure in the Middle East.

Mr. Dwivedula joined the XTAL management team in 2007 and brings with him extensive managerial and business development skills.