Other Services

In addition to the more specific services offered by XTAL, our scientists have a broad multi-disciplinary expertise that encompasses many different commonly used assay methodologies. Some techniques, such as Thermal Shift Screening are much more versatile than commonly understood.

Assay Development

Both cell based and enzymatic assays, where the readout is absorbance, fluorescence or luminescence. Western blots, protein and antibody microarray work are also routinely done in our facility. If you have difficulty in locating a laboratory to enable your unique assay requirements, contact us to see if we can facilitate development at XTAL or recommend on of our trusted partners.

HTS Thermal Shift Screening

To measure protein stability, undertake preformulation studies or rapidly screen for molecular interactions between a target protein and its ligand. We have the capacity to perform compound screening services, up to the level of 10,000 per week.

Computational Studies

In silico screening and homology building services can also be provided as part of the structure-guided drug discovery program.